Fleas or Ticks Buggin' You?

As spring approaches for many pet owners, the battles lines are drawn. The never ending war against fleas and ticks will once again begin. This is a war we will probably never win but if we can beat the enemy back for another year we will have succeeded. Fortunately, we have an ever changing arsenal to use against our foe so choose your weapons well. Knowing a little about fleas may help in your plan of attack. Fleas and ticks get on your pet in order to obtain a blood meal allowing them to lay eggs, creating a whole new generation of the pests. Adult fleas make up only 5% in the fleas life cycle. They live for 50 days but may begin laying eggs within two days after feeding, producing up to 50 eggs per day. The eggs then fall off your pet into the house or yard, hatching in 10 days and developing into a larval stage that matures for 2 additional weeks. The resulting pupae live for 4-5 months allowing the fleas to over-winter. The best flea control programs break the life cycle in multiple places.

Please schedule a visit, your veterinarian will be glad to help you find the best treatment to help your pets win the battle against fleas and ticks.

Image result for up close pic of flea     Image result for up close pic of tick