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Cat Dental Procedure

Sometimes, keeping your pet's chompers healthy can feel like a big job. Dentistry is something that all pet owners will need to consider at some point in their pet’s life. Several factors determine when a full cleaning will be recommended (such as genetics, underlying health conditions, and home dental care), but when that time comes for your pet, we want you to understand what goes into a dental cleaning at Junaluska Animal Hospital.

Dental Cleanings

Most dental procedures are outpatient (no overnight stay) and include:

  • Anesthesia - Use of full anesthesia is the only way to thoroughly evaluate and clean your pet's teeth, including under the gum line where large percentages of tartar and dental disease can occur not visible to the naked eye. While many owners are concerned about the risks of anesthesia, our protocols are designed to keep your pet as safe as possible. Another factor to consider is that dental cleanings while tartar buildup is mild are typically quick and easy, and anesthesia time is minimized. Avoiding the procedure until the dental disease is advanced increases the risk of your pet needing extractions or more extensive dental work, which can have important impacts on their overall health and require longer times under anesthesia.
  • Pre-operative Bloodwork - We recommend that full screening bloodwork is performed before any anesthetic procedure for your pet's safety.
  • IV Catheter - All pets under anesthesia receive an IV catheter
  • Complete oral examination - In addition to checking all parts of your pet's teeth and gums, we will also perform a full oral exam to rule out hidden oral tumors.
  • Ultrasonic Scale and Polish - Our 3M Ultrasonic dental machine allows for quick and thorough cleaning of all surfaces of the teeth, including under the gum line. After scaling teeth are polished to restore their smooth enamel protection.
  • Medications to go home - after your pet's dental procedure, they will be discharged with antibiotics and pain medications if needed. Instructions for at-home dental care - Once your pet's teeth are back to a "clean slate" we will help you pick the right plan for maintaining their oral health. Most pets still need regular cleanings (just like people!), but at-home products like treats and toothpaste can help slow the recurrence of tartar.
Before Dental Procedure
Before canine dental procedure
After Dental Procedure
After dental procedure for canine


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