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Bathing and Hygiene

Dog Grooming at Junaluska Animal Hospital

Although we love them dirty paws and all, sometimes our pets need a little freshening up. At Junaluska Animal Hospital, we offer soothing pet baths for dogs and cats, and we also offer Medicated baths for those that need a little extra attention. We offer bath, nail trim, anal gland expression, and ear cleanings. Please call us for Pricing.

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Boarding Services and Amenities

Dog and Cat Boarding at Junaluska Animal Hospital
  • Large runs available for big dogs
  • 3 walks daily with trained Pet Care staff
  • Nutritious food - Hill's Science Diet or owner-provided, fed per your instructions
  • Administration of medications if needed
  • Medical boarding for patients with chronic conditions
  • Immediate on-site attention from medical staff if needed
  • Cat-friendly boarding in a dog-free zone is available at Junaluaka Animal Hospital

Health and Vaccine Requirements for Boarders

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Cardiology For Cats

How A Cat's Heart Works

A cat's heart has four chambers. The two upper chambers are called the atrium (plural atria), and the lower chambers are called the ventricles. Additionally, the heart has a right and left side, each containing one atrium and one ventricle. A cat's heart works as follows:

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Cat Anesthesia

Junaluska Animal Hospital offers tips on anesthesia for cats

What To Know When Your Cat Needs Anesthesia

There may be a time when your cat will require a procedure or surgery for his continued health. At the time of surgery your cat will require anesthesia which will be carefully administered and monitored by our veterinary staff. Knowing the basics about how anesthesia will be is used in cat surgery and the recovery basics will help to ease your mind while kitty is under our care.

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Cat Blood Tests

cat blood work and lab

When Will A Veterinarian Order Blood Tests For Cats?

Sometimes in the case of an eye or ear infection, your feline friend's medical condition affords a veterinarian the opportunity for a relatively straightforward diagnosis. However, other times the results in the need for further examination. In such a case, your veterinarian will order feline blood tests to aid in his or her investigation. The following situations can result in the need for blood tests for cats.

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Cat Declawing

Cat declawing at Junaluska Animal Hospital

Declawing Cats: Examining the Pros, Cons and Alternatives

A part of normal cat behavior is their instinctive need to scratch on surfaces to remove excess claw material and keep the nails clean and in good shape. Cats obviously enjoy this behavior and certainly are not aware that their behavior may be seen as destructive to their owners. Unfortunately while your cat is happily clawing on your favorite chenille chair furniture, you may be grimacing and very unhappy with one of your favorite family members.

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Cat Dermatology

Cat Dermatology

Most cats will scratch on occasion but if you notice that the occasional scratch and regular grooming turns into a cat who appears uncomfortable, cat skin problems may be present and you should schedule an appointment with one of the veterinarians here at Junaluska Animal Hospital.

Excessive scratching, hair loss and a mildly frantic cat are signs that cat skin problems may be present and your feline friend needs medical attention. While cat skin problems are rarely an emergency, an uncomfortable cat will have trouble enjoying daily life until those symptoms are under control.

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Cat Medications

cat medications

If you’re like a lot of cat owners, you know your cat’s daily routine. If you notice your cat is not following his usual activities, or if you see a change in behavior patterns, those could be subtle but important clues that your cat is sick. As a pet parent, it’s time for you to step in and get the vet on speed dial.

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Good oral health plays a major role in good overall health and wellbeing for your pets. Conversely, poor oral health can contribute and even cause many significant disease processes such as heart and kidney disease.

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Cat Dental Procedure

Sometimes, keeping your pet's chompers healthy can feel like a big job. Dentistry is something that all pet owners will need to consider at some point in their pet’s life. Several factors determine when a full cleaning will be recommended (such as genetics, underlying health conditions, and home dental care), but when that time comes for your pet, we want you to understand what goes into a dental cleaning at Junaluska Animal Hospital.

Dental Cleanings

Most dental procedures are outpatient (no overnight stay) and include:

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Diagnosing And Treating Cancer In Cats

At Junaluska Animal Hospital, we understand that feline cancer is a devastating diagnosis. It is natural to feel highly emotional. However, a cat cancer diagnosis is not necessarily a hopeless one. Depending upon how early it is identified and the type of cancer involved, there are certainly options that can lead to very positive outcomes.

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Digital Radiography and Telemedicine

Digital Imaging at Junaluska Animal Hospital

Advanced imaging using our digital imaging system provides high quality diagnostic assistance. With digital imaging means quicker, more accurate diagnoses. There is less exposure to radiation with digital x-rays. Radiographs, which are commonly known as X-rays, are used to evaluate injuries and conditions which require more than external examination. Radiology equipment gives us a non-evasive way to observe your pet’s internal physiology so that we can provide a more thorough and accurate diagnosis.

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Dog Allergies

dog allergy testing

While not usually life threatening, allergies in dogs do cause discomfort. Most symptoms are associated with dermatologic (skin) problems but some can also lead to chronic respiratory issues in some dogs if untreated for long periods of time. Sometimes an owner will bring their dog to a veterinary appointment, suspecting a serious medical condition and end up finding out that their canine companion has an allergy.

Here are some allergy symptoms commonly found in dogs:

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Dog Behavior

Dog training and behavioral services in Waynesville NC

Dog Behavior - A Compassionate, Sensible, Effective Approach

Illness doesn't always have a physical cause, and the sad truth is that more dogs are put to sleep because of behavioral problems than because of disease or injury. Dog obedience training can ensure your canine is a safe and enjoyable member of your family. From training puppies to addressing unwanted behavior in an older dog, our veterinarians can help you achieve a better bond with your furry friend.

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Elective Surgery

We provide a wide range or soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries utilizing state-of-the-art anesthesia and monitoring equipment. From spays and neuters to fracture repair and joint injury repair, we strive to maximize safety and outcome while minimizing inherent risks.

Surgical Suite        Surgical Suite

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General Services

General Veterinary Services at Junaluska AH

Veterinarians Who Really Care

At Junaluska Animal Hospital, our approach to veterinary medicine revolves around a comprehensive, competent and compassionate care program, aimed at ensuring the highest quality of life for your pet. Perhaps the greatest measure of our success is found in our many happy patients and kind words from our clients.

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In-house Laboratory

We are able to perform many laboratory tests right in our hospital including serum chemistries, complete blood counts, parasite testing, thyroid testing, tests for some specific diseases, and urinalysis. We also have access to a full range of more advanced diagnostic tests through our reference laboratory.



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Internal Medicine Services

When your pet is ill, we strive to provide timely and accurate diagnosis combined with a proper treatment plan to assist in a speedy recovery.

internal medicine

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Kitten Care

kitten vet waynesville nc

Getting a new kitten is a very special experience with lots of joy, warmth and laughter. There is a reason why the internet is so full of kitten and cat pictures and videos. Kittens are super fun, loving and entertaining. Kitten care does involve some amount of hands-on attention from human family members. The focus of kitten care is on acclimating the kitten to its new family, and providing for the kitten's physical well being to support healthy development.

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Microchips are now the standard for pet identification and lost pet retrieval. Installing a chip is a nearly painless procedure that can be performed without anesthesia during a regular office visit.


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Pain Management

Managing pain for your dog

When it comes to managing your pet’s pain, our practice offers and the highest quality of care utilizing compassion and the most effective medical treatments available. We develop a unique pain management plan to best serve the individual needs of your pet. This plan may include medication, treatment or a combination of both.

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Puppy Care

Puppy care at Junaluska Animal Hospital

How To Take Care Of A Puppy

One of the greatest joys in life is having a cuddly, cute puppy to have and hold. This is a memorable time for the entire family and everyone can participate in loving and caring for your new puppy. Our veterinarians and staff know what an exciting and special time this is for you and your family. We want to provide you with the best information and health care to get a great start for your new puppy's life. The time you commit to this puppy in the beginning of its life will have a great impact on your relationship for years to come.

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Senior Dog Care

Senior Dog

Taking The Physiological Changes Of Aging Dogs Into Consideration

At Junaluska Animal Hospital, we love providing senior dogs with the care and support they need to age gracefully and comfortably. We understand that the experience of caring for older dogs can be a tremendously rewarding one that enhances and enriches the lives of dogs themselves, as well as their human caretakers. We truly are dog people at heart. We love to lend insight and guidance into caring for older dogs.

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Spaying and Neutering Your Pet Rabbit

Dwarf pet rabbit

As a pet owner, it is important that you know the facts about spaying or neutering your house rabbit.

Benefits to Spaying or Neutering Your Bunny

There are many benefits to spaying or neutering a rabbit. First and foremost, a fixed rabbit can live a longer, healthier life as the risk of cancer and urinary tract infections are greatly reduced.

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Ultrasound Machine

What is an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound examination, also known as ultrasonography, is a non-invasive imaging technique that allows internal body structures to be seen by recording echoes or reflections of ultrasonic waves. Ultrasound equipment directs a narrow beam of high frequency sound waves into the area of interest. The sound waves may be transmitted through, reflected or absorbed by the tissues that they encounter.

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Vaccine Protocol

Junalsuka Animal Hospital is proud to announce a new approach to our vaccine program that designed to give your pet the best protection for preventable diseases while minimizing the number of vaccines your pet receives. In addition to using a new vaccine manufacturer, we are utilizing the standards of care established by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA). The ultimate goal being: Providing your pet the best immunity with the least amount of side effects and over vaccination. 

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Veterinary ICU

Veterinary ICU

Veterinary ICU - An Intensive Care Unit For Your Pet

A crucial part of our emergency hospital is our Intensive Care Unit. After your pet has been examined and a plan developed for their care, they may need constant care and monitoring for a period of time. These pets are admitted into our ICU for specialized critical care and monitoring by our emergency doctors and critical care nurses. The amount of time spent in ICU depends upon the severity of the illness and amount of care required to get them through a severe illness.

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Veterinary Services

Junaluska Animal Hospital Offers A Full Service Veterinary Clinic

At Junaluska Animal Hospital, we believe that your pet is a part of the family, yours and ours. That is why we have made it our mission to provide comprehensive and compassionate veterinary care and that is in the best interests of you and your furriest family member. If you are in the Waynesville area, and are looking for a caring veterinary team to help make sure your pet remains in good health, we are nearby and ready to help.

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Veterinary Services For Cats

Feline friendly exam rooms

Since 1953, the veterinarians and support staff at Junaluska Animal Hospital have sought to achieve the highest standards of veterinary medicine. We feel that cats are part of the family, yours and ours. Our clients' response to the care we provide is the strongest testament to the quality of care we provide for their cats.

You can find our recent client feedback here.

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